Technology and layout of professional spaces


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Creating spaces designed for sharing information

  • Incorporated screens
  • Mediascape
  • ClickShare


Making daily life easier for users

  • Automation
  • Connections


Changing technology has led to the emergence of new ways of working.

Individuals are more mobile, and require continuous access to technology devices in order to work efficiently in the environment of their choice.

Incorporating technology into the space makes it easier for users to work with effective sharing tools, and also provides new solutions for the daily needs of companies.


Supporting the sharing of information

As the number of nomadic employees, individuals spread over several sites and collaborative workers grows, it is essential to offer tools that are suitable for these operating modes. Effective information sharing is a crucial aspect of efficient collaboration.

Taking account of those factors, technology offers innovative solutions that are easy to use in order to maximise collaboration.


A better working environment

Today, technology is everywhere, from connected furniture to incorporated screens; everything must be organised to make it as easy as possible to make good use of the space.

At the same time, the development of automation systems makes it possible to further decentralise the practical aspects of the use of space, including lighting and security, room booking systems etc. Today, the entire environment can be managed using technology.

The integration of technology into working spaces is a major enabler in the working of modern companies.


New technology solutions:

  • Connected meeting room
  • Office connections
  • Room wizard