Design & Build


Developing a clear vision of your ideal work environment

The transformation of your workspace begins with careful listening and a deep understanding of your challenges and objectives. We collaborate with you to develop a clear vision of your ideal work environment.

Our Workspace Design Division employs a combination of in-depth analysis, brainstorming workshops, and personalized interviews to precisely define your needs. Through precise capacity studies, we identify the necessary and optimal spaces to maximize efficiency and productivity. In line with your budgetary considerations, we develop a targeted financial approach.


Transforming your challenges and needs into visual concepts

Our dedicated team of interior architects is committed to blending creativity with technical proficiency in order to transform your concepts into tangible visualizations. Whether it’s designing collaborative workspaces or relaxation areas, we meticulously consider every aspect to craft a cohesive and captivating work environment.

We specialize in offering bespoke design solutions tailored to your specific requirements, aimed at fostering creativity, productivity, and the well-being of your team. Using 2D plans, 3D projections, and virtual reality simulations, you can envision your future workspace where aesthetics merge with functionality.

Furthermore, our team of technology experts introduces cutting-edge digital solutions to enhance well-being and productivity, from integrated screens to streamlined office and meeting room reservation systems.

With our expertise in space partition system, we ensure adaptable and efficient solutions that accommodate your evolving needs. Our extensive selection of furniture and accessories promotes comfort and collaboration, while our decorative touches breathe life into the unique identity and culture of your organization.


Bringing your workspace vision to life

At Tertia Office Solutions, we specialize in providing a comprehensive transformation experience. We meticulously consider every aspect and are committed to meeting deadlines, managing budgets, and maintaining impeccable quality standards.

Functioning as a general contractor for all aspects of the project, we oversee and coordinate each phase with a dedicated team, led by a single point of contact who guides you through the entire process. Our approach is rooted in innovative solutions that enhance value, ensuring exceptional quality in workspace renovations.

From managing and coordinating the construction site to the final handover, including furniture installation, setting up technological equipment, and incorporating decorative elements, we are dedicated to realize your vision with excellence.


Creating workspaces that blend design, comfort, and efficiency

Furniture is much more than just a component of a workspace; it’s an extension of your company’s culture, a means to enhance productivity and the well-being of your employees, and a tangible expression of your identity. Our specialized furniture sales team is here to advise, guide, and assist you in making choices that best suit your needs.

Whether you’re in search of ergonomic desks to optimize productivity, relaxation areas conducive to fostering creativity, or intelligent storage solutions, our furniture collection is curated to meet the unique needs of your business. Explore our extensive range, which enables you to seamlessly integrate comfort, aesthetics, and functionality, thereby transforming your workspaces into genuine catalysts for success.

Space partition system

Maximizing your workspace flexibility through innovative space division solutions

Are you interested in creating a workspace that is flexible, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing? Our workspace division solutions enable the development of unique, personalized spaces tailored precisely to your needs.

Our movable walls, resulting from a collaboration with Nüsing, a renowned German provider of mobile partitioning systems, represent sustainability and innovation at their core. We offer eco-friendly solutions that allow for quick adaptation to changing requirements. Explore our range of movable walls, offering customization and innovation to redefine both the appearance and functionality of your workspaces.

Our modular partitions stand out for their flexibility, addressing various needs, whether it involves ensuring privacy with full partitions, enhancing transparency and brightness with glass partitions, combining security and elegance with guardrail partitions, or balancing design and protection with fire-rated partitions.


Empowering workplaces with cutting-edge technology solutions

Our Technology division specializes in providing bespoke services for integrating audiovisual and collaborative technologies into meeting rooms and other communication areas.

This division combines engineering expertise with connected furniture and audiovisual equipment to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to modern work practices, aligned with your specific requirements and usage.

We operate in the following areas:

  • Video broadcasting
  • Sound systems
  • Conference, translation, and guided tour systems
  • Video conferencing
  • Digital signage
  • Equipment control
  • Customized “connected” furniture
  • Maintenance
  • On-site support for your occasional events