Reflecting your corporate identity

For us, furniture includes more than just workstations; it represents your corporate identity and significantly contributes to the well-being and productivity of your employees. Our team of specialists is commited to provide you advise, guidance, and assistance in selecting options that suit your needs perfectly. Their expertise covers the latest advancements in office furniture, including innovative materials, sustainability, and integration of new technologies. Every detail, from materials to colors, is meticulously considered to ensure that your workspace is not only functional but also inviting. Our mission is to create workspaces that truly reflect your identity.

Tertia Office Solutions serves as the exclusive distributor of Steelcase products and its partner brands. Partnering with Steelcase enhances our capabilities and enables us to execute projects effectively, tackling the complexities of hybrid work environments and promoting sustainable space design.

In 2023, both of our entities in Luxembourg and Strasbourg were honored with the “Platinum Partner” distinction, recognizing our commitment to excellence as Steelcase partners. Out of 200 dealerships in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, only 34 partners, including 10 in France, were selected to join this prestigious program.


In the current era of corporate culture, professional requirements and technological advances are redefining our approach to work. Formerly confined to static desks, today’s employees are adopting a more mobile and flexible approach. In this constantly evolving context, it becomes imperative to provide adaptable desks that support these new working methods.

It is essential to create spaces that promote collaboration, stimulate creativity, and enable optimal concentration. This is why we offer a wide range of desks, from traditional to height-adjustable, meeting both individual and collective needs in various layout settings.

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Our exclusive partnership with Steelcase guarantees not only chairs of outstanding quality but also expertise that pushes the boundaries of innovation in office furniture. Steelcase office chairs provide exceptional back support and are engineered with precision to ensure long-term durability.

We also collaborate with other leading renowned brands, broadening our range of seating options to meet all requirements in terms of style, functionality, and budget. Whether you choose office chairs designed for productivity, executive chairs combining elegance and functionality, or solutions tailored for collaborative spaces, our range enables us to offer solutions that cater to all professional needs.

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Conference Furniture

Your meeting spaces should be crafted to encourage idea exchange, creativity, and efficient decision-making. Whether you’re in need of traditional conference tables, more adaptable setups, or casual collaborative areas, our diverse range is tailored to suit all professional environments.

With customizable options spanning from materials to finishes, you can create distinctive collaboration spaces that mirror your company’s culture. Moreover, our technology division provides solutions to enhance the dynamism and interactivity of your meeting rooms, transforming each session into an immersive and productive experience.

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Social Areas

The design of the workplace environment has undergone a fundamental change in recent years, reflecting the evolution of our work habits towards more flexible and collaborative spaces.

New spaces, centered around creativity, collaboration, and employee well-being, have emerged. Among them is the work café—a unique fusion space that combines productivity with conviviality, turning coffee breaks into opportunities for informal collaboration and creative brainstorming. Relaxation areas are designed as havens of relaxation, providing employees with a place to unwind, while rest areas offer tranquility, inviting them to take revitalizing breaks.

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Acoustic Pods and booths

Explore our range of acoustic pods and booths, designed to offer a tranquil refuge amidst the bustling office environment, facilitating productive meetings, discreet phone calls, or moments of quiet reflection.

Our meeting pods ensure privacy for discussions, while our phone booths provide a professional and silent environment for calls. Additionally, our acoustic booths create individual spaces conducive to focused concentration.

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Education and Training

Tertia Office Solutions is committed to help schools and universities creating stimulating learning environments and providing teachers and students with flexible spaces tailored to their needs. In response to evolving technologies and learning methods, we offer innovative solutions that meet new teaching habits to enhance student success.

Optimizing these spaces also means maximizing student outcomes and supporting them in their educational journey. From communal areas to classrooms, our teams guide you through the transformation of your learning environments.

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Acoustic Solutions

Crafted to eradicate unwanted noise disruptions, our acoustic partitions and screens achieve an optimal balance between privacy and collaboration.

Establish quiet and efficient work zones where each conversation remains confidential, and every idea can develop without constraints.

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