Modular Partitions Solutions

Confidentiality and aesthetics

Tertia Solutions transforms your spaces both functionally and aesthetically, responding to the varied requirements of your projects. Whether you choose full partitions for maximum confidentiality, glass partitions to enhance transparency and brightness, guardrail partitions that merge safety with elegance, or fire-rated partitions seamlessly combining design and protection, our range caters to all needs. Explore our demountable partition solutions, crafted to suit every project and environment, featuring swift installation and contemporary aesthetics.

Full partition

Thanks to their quick and efficient installation, our full partitions offer a flexible and elegant solution for all your projects.

  • Cover trims : wide range of Coramine vinyl finishings (R logo)
  • Edge-to-edge: invisible support system for melamine panels, lacquered panels, and magnetic fillings
  • Quick and efficient installation
  • Maximum height of 5m
  • Acoustic performance from 42 to 56 dB Rw
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Glass partition

Choose modernity and brightness with our contemporary glass partitions for an open and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Cover trims : quick and simple installation, contemporary design adaptable to all your projects
  • Edge-to-edge : no structure between each partition, transparency and brightness guaranteed
  • Single or double glazing
  • Maximum height of 4.5m
  • Acoustic performance from 32 to 52 dB Rw
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Guardrail partition

Combine safety and aesthetics with our guardrail partitions. Whether full or glazed, they ensure a safe and comfortable environment.

  • Full or glazed, edge-to-edge or cover trims
  • Protection against fall risks
  • Maximum safety
  • Comfort and aesthetics
  • Acoustic performance from 41 to 47 dB Rw
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Customized Pods

Craft flexible and private spaces with our tailored pods, boasting sleek and customizable designs.

  • Autonomous and confidential pods, maintaining an external connection
  • Accommodates 1 to 6 occupants
  • Sleek, customizable, and modular design
  • Air renewal rate of 30m3/h per person
  • Acoustic performance up to 35 dB
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Fire-Rated Partitions

Our fire-rated partitions, available in full or glazed versions, offer a blend of design and safety for peace of mind.

  • Bi-block with hollow joints, full or glazed
  • Perfect balance between design and safety
  • Fire rating performance EI30 (30 minutes) and EI60 (60 minutes)
  • Up to 4m in height
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Door Systems

Enhance elegance and functionality with our door systems:

  • Full-glazed, framed or frameless
  • Full steel solid or monolithic
  • Full wood solid or monolithic
  • Fire-rated full (EI30 or E45) or glazed (EI30)
  • Sliding full or glazed
  • Acoustic performance up to 41 dB Rw
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Complete your spaces with our diverse accessory range and customize your partitions to reflect your unique style:

  • Priva-Lite glazing
  • Window frosting and sandblasting
  • Extensive selection of interior blinds
  • Writing and magnetic panels
  • Magnetic lacquered glass
  • Suspension kits
  • Screens, LEDs

And more…

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