Our technology division is here to assist you in transforming your workspaces into effective hubs of productivity for your team. Going beyond traditional boundaries, our commitment to digital innovation aims to create intelligent, collaborative, and inspiring work environments.

Meeting Room Solutions

  • GoBright room reservation system
  • Video conferencing solutions
  • Video display options: LED walls, monitors
  • Audio systems
  • Wireless presentation and collaboration tools
  • Microsoft Teams Room Solutions
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Workstation Solutions

  • GoBright desk reservation system
  • Screen mounts and supports
  • Monitor options
  • Docking stations
  • Cable management solutions
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Auditorium Solutions

  • Video conferencing capabilities
  • Video display options: LED video walls or powerful projection
  • Video capture and production
  • Conference systems
  • Advanced audio solutions
  • AV automation control
  • Maintenance services

Mobile Solutions

  • Artome
  • Self-powered battery options
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Display System

Our display system solution meets the internal and external communication needs of businesses. With user-friendly software, you can create, schedule, and broadcast personalized multimedia content in real-time and remotely.

Connected Furniture

Explore our range of connected furniture solutions designed to create dynamic, interactive, and efficient workspaces.


Our selection of innovative accessories enhances your workspace experience. From discreet cable management solutions to ergonomic screen support arms, each accessory is carefully chosen to optimize your daily workflow.